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Insulate yourself from electric rate increases and reduce your carbon footprint with the latest and most proven technology – all in a low risk investment in your energy future!

Living Solar solar electric systems can reduce or eliminate your electric bill for over 30 years, providing immediate savings on your electric bill and a longer term hedge against rising electric rates. We offer design, installation, and maintenance services for home solar systems with the latest most proven technology with the strongest, most reliable warranty available from any solar PV panel manufacturer.

Meanwhile, Living Solar will step you through the various incentive applications processes, including rebates available from your local electric utility (currently $0.40/Watt from La Plata Electric Association – or about 10% of a system’s cost), the federal tax credit (worth 30% of a system’s costs, depending on your tax situation), New Mexico state tax credit (10% for residential systems), and other incentives (such as bi-annual REC payments in Empire Electric‘s service territory) as they become available. Join scores of your satisfied neighbors in the southwest with Living Solar residential solar systems.

Living Solar designs and installs both roof mounted systems, or systems near your home on ground mount fixed or sun-tracking system. Most systems are tied to the electric grid – allowing you to offset your electric usage at the retail rate, while other systems also include battery backup so that when the grid goes down, you don’t. We also specialize in battery based systems for remote location, houseboat, and other off-grid applications.

Unable to Cover the Upfront Cost? Living Solar offers a variety of financing options, making your solar system available for as little as $0 down! These include same-as-cash for up to 180 days, as well as long term loan options. Learn more.

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